Video Referees Now !

Posted: February 16, 2005 in General Football Verse, Rants in my Pants
Some verse written nearly 6 years ago but still relevant with every stupid, needless refereeing f*ck-up, whether it’s beach balls in Sunderland or  handballs in Paris… I’ve even made up a tune for this one on guitar, but I’m not good enough to play it, so if you know anyone who fancies backing me on this particular protest song let me know.

Video Referees Now !

For years you’ve just stood by Sepp Blatter
While the fat cats of football just get fatter.
Justice in the the game doesn’t seem to matter
But  we  need justice in football now.

For justice is the basis for all sporting law,
But if a referee’s eyes aren’t enough any more,
If the game’s so fast they can’t tell what they saw,
We need video referees now!

You play fat cat politics to hold onto power
And sit with moneymen in an ivory tower,
Girls in shorter shorts? Play 4 quarters, 2 hours?
What are you dreaming up now?

When a ball’s in the goal for all to see –
Everyone except linesman and referee!
It’s clear to the crowd and it’s clear to me –
We need video referees now!

You say we might try video for balls across the line,
But if a ref can’t see those, what hope for truly fine
Judgements on penalties, and hair’s breadth offsides?
We need video referees now!

You can shrug and say that over the season
Good and bad luck will end up breaking even
Will Henry’s handball break even? That’s the reason
We need video referees now!

The ubiquitous cretin on a phone-in will plead there
That “a bit of controversy is what all games need, yeah?”
Yes, and miscarriages of justice are good for the media,
But we need video referees now.

I tell you Sepp, just a few short year’s hence
Every match will run smoothly with video evidence,
And your Luddite delaying will be seen as nonsense.
We need video referees now!

Mistakes ruin our Saturday, ruin our Sunday
They affect our lives, these blunders aren’t funny,
I bet we’ll see change when it earns you big money!
We need video referees now!

The said video replays would ruin other games
But cricket and rugby are still just the same!
Come on Sepp, don’t be afraid of change,
We need video referees now!


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