Standing up for what you believe in ?

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Football Campaigning

Twenty-one Lib Dem hypocrites voted for the government’s student fees hike last night and one of them was Don Foster, MP for Bath. At least 10% of his constituents in Bath are students, so hopefully they’ll give this treacherous rat a good kicking when the next election comes around…and maybe even stuff him at the ballot box as well. Great to see on the news that he got a well-deserved and well-aimed brick through his constituency office window this morning when the students got back from their latest field trip to London.

But you may be surprised to hear that Don Foster is not all bad, and while he’s still in Parliament he might yet do a bit of  good. This week he introduced the Safe Standing Bill in the Commons.  I for one would like to see  a bit of atmosphere back in our football grounds, I’ve enjoyed “safe standing” areas on visits to various grounds in Germany  and I’ve e-mailed  my own MP to urge him to back the bill. It took me about 3 minutes in total by clicking on the link there from the Football Supporters’ Federation site, with a quick cut-and-paste of some of the text off there.  Please think about doing the same with your MP folks.  If your M.P. is a Lib Dem, why not tell him/her that if they vote for this Bill, you’ll forgive them for their betrayal on student fees?  And then of course feel free to break your promise when it comes to the next election. Politics is politics after all.


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