Wack your Bwains! It’s Woy’s Chwistmas Cwossword !

Posted: December 25, 2010 in Liverpool FC

Woy Hodgson is thinking of poor Liverpool supportews like myself this Xmas and he’s wowwied we’ll have nothing to do on a fwosty Boxing Day if the match is postponed. So he’s gwaciously agweed to compile a bwain-baffling Xmas X-word especially for my blog. What a wonderful gesture by a twue gentleman who has enwiched so many lives in the nine countries where he’s worked !  As you’ll see from the cwyptic clues he’s quite the scholaw as well as the gentleman. He’s only slightly better at using the Melwood fax machine than he is at managing the team, so it’s a bit fuzzy and you might have to zoom in a bit.  Lump it up with contwol++ is Woy’s cunning tactical suggestion. Or pwint it out.

No pwizes, but the solution will appear in a week or so (the solution to the puzzle, I mean. For the weal solution I suppose we’ll have to wait for  Mr. Henwy  & colleagues).

PS Did I mention his 35 yeaws expewience of cwosswowd compilation ?



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