It Shoudn’t Happen to a Vet

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Republica Internationale FC

A massive part of the reason my Sunday League appearances are so rare these days is, of course,  the dauntingly uncivilised Sunday morning kick-off time.  Our women’s XI, featuring of course my beloved partner Claire, have a much more civilised Sunday p.m. schedule, and this afternoon we had a rare opportunity to join them on an adjacent pitch for the annual Republica  Internationale  FC v. One in Twelve Club FC veterans’ friendly.

There was no age limit either way for this, but we had players aged from about  30 to over 60 and I reckon our average age was around 45, and the opposition’s about 41. The result was unimportant (not as important as me scoring with a fine header from a corner, anyway). I can’t remember a bad challenge, or a bad word, all afternoon.

One in Twelve FC Veterans (in green) & Reublica Vets (in red)

Today’s match subs and football card raised money for anti-cuts campaigning. Beers were enjoyed afterwards at the Brudenell Social Club, with much good banter. We should do this a lot more often.


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