Bates Leeding them Astray Again?

Posted: February 5, 2012 in Rants in my Pants

Leeding them to 'Ell and back - why do they put up with Bates?

Back home to the news that Mad Dog Bates has sacked Leeds United manager Simon Grayson. Some passers-by reckoned that our very own Pauli, seen out for his regular afternoon walk in Beeston, was drooling at the prospect of a new job.

Well, why not give our favourite pup a go, when you look at the desperate quality of the other yard-dogs being suggested? Neil Warnock, Billy Davies, etc. For goodness sake, at least Pauli hasn’t yet proven his total lack of tactical nous, unlike that pack of mongrels. How are any of the names on the bookies’ list supposed to have a better pedigree than the sacked Grayson?

But seriously, Pauli’s not after the job, he’s just sitting here gobsmacked that you’ve let Bates think he can do what he likes with the club that he stole from under your noses. Get organised, Leeds supporters: organise, march, boycott. Which used to be the sort of thing that proud  folk of Yorkshire did when they were pissed on from a great height.

POSTSCRIPT – a couple of Leeds-supporting comrades of mine have pointed out that they are getting organised, and there was a protest march before the next home match. Well played everyone involved.

Check out also the Leeds United Supporters’ Trust.


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