15 year-old Kevin Williams - died in police care at Hillsborough

Imagine waiting 23 years for an inquest, 23 years to find out exactly what happened to your 15 year-old son, how and why he died, when trained medics could have been working to save him if they had been allowed to.  Imagine suspecting that senior police officers did worse than nothing for your son, somebody somewhere apparently giving the order not to allow ambulances and their crews into the stadium to help the victims who were still alive after the cataclysmic crush at Hillsborough.  Imagine then being witness to what seems like a conspiracy  to cover up these mistakes.

Imagine being told for all those years that everything that happened in the last few minutes when you knew your son could have received better medical care was irrelevant, that the case was closed well before he breathed his last breaths. Imagine spending years taking the case to the European Court, apparently the final avenue for justice, only to be told, in an appalling Catch-22, that you are too late.  Imagine a mother who still fights on, even after all that.

So, after all those years, my thoughts today are with Anne Williams, with her decade-long ‘Hope for Hillsborough‘ campaign, as finally the House of Commons bows to ‘people power’ and reverses last week’s decision – there will, finally, be a Commons debate about the possibility, the hope, the mother’s anguished cry, the people’s angry demand, that Kevin’s death will finally get a proper inquest. Well played everyone who signed the e-petition, and especially everyone who has helped Anne in her tireless campaign.




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