Rose right, Roberts right – Zero Tolerance for racism is the right way forward

Posted: October 17, 2012 in Football Campaigning, Rants in my Pants

Well played Danny Rose – you were right to react to the racism of the Serbian crowd last night. (see video in the linked article). Coaches used to advise their players to “just ignore it”, and I bet that’s what England U-21 Stuart Pearce did last night – but perhaps Pearce could have done more and taken his players off the pitch – Jason Roberts, meanwhile, accused UEFA of not dealing adequately with past racism issues and said players should take action themselves by walking off the pitch if subjected to racist abuse.

The 34-year-old Reading striker said: “I was absolutely fuming at what I saw. To think this was an England Under-21 game and another generation of players is seeing this sort of behaviour makes me very sad and makes me aware of the fact we haven’t moved far enough.

“Everyone says UEFA needs to be stronger, do this and do that, but they’ve shown they have no stomach for this battle. They haven’t taken it on in the past. I doubt they will now with paltry fines and slapping on the wrists.

“So that’s why it’s time for players to take action. I’ll go one further and say players should walk off the pitch because – guaranteed – if that happened, things would change.”

Asked if a failure to rescind Rose’s red card would leave UEFA’s bid to stamp out racism in tatters, Roberts replied: “I would say it’s in tatters already.”

And of course the ultimate irony is that the U-21 side were playing last night for the right to take part in next summer’s U-21 championships in the apartheid state of Israel, which should just be boycotted by all concerned for its racist policies, illegal occupation of the West Bank and oppression of Gaza..

Walk off the pitch if the referee and opposition won’t do anything about incidents of racism.

Boycott  racists. Boycott Israeli apartheid and its exports. Zero tolerance.



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