Protect an Ancient Pyramid from FA Erosion!

Posted: May 14, 2014 in Football Campaigning, Rants in my Pants
Pyramid erosion

Erosion at the base – guaranteed to strengthen any pyramid.

Click here to sign the petition against the FA Commission’s delusionary and downright immoral ‘B Team League’ proposals. Even if the proposed scheme did somehow perform the extremely unlikely miracle of  making an English national team perform slightly better (relative to other countries, many of  whom will of course continue to improve their own standards at least as rapidly), why does the Commission automatically think that the fans will agree that the price of reducing the integrity of our traditional pyramid would be worth paying?

This all  seems like yet another example of far too much emphasis on success in elite international sport from the policy-makers. National teams are not the apex of the pyramid of  club football, and nor should they have to be served by that pyramid. They are something else entirely and need to solve their own problems, which of course are largely problems of unrealistic expectation., for which the media are in large measure to blame but which the policy makers feel they have to pander to. The whole commission was set up on the basis of an unrealistic expectation with Greg Dyke’s ridiculous speech last September about winning the World Cup in 2022 – that’s winning the World Cup in the heat of Qatar, by the way. Why should anyone’s delusion ruin our traditional football pyramid?



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