We all know what FA stands for

Posted: June 8, 2014 in Rants in my Pants

Totally underwhelmed here by the FA’s “Reds v. Blues” nonsense this weekend.

After getting non-stop emails about this for a month (the FA does love to pester everyone who has ever written to it about anything), I still found myself thinking “What’s this about? What does it stand for?  F*** all, as usual.” Woolly aims of “mass participation” involving “tens of thousands of people”, but no idea as to how many of those people wouldn’t have been having a kickaround this weekend anyway. And look at the type of venues they are promoting – the rip-off 5-a-side “providers”  like  Goals or Power League, who charge about £50 an hour for the right to kick a ball on a small square of plastic. Hardly inclusive!

This is Refugee Week – they FAcould have chosen to promote and lend their support to the unsung heroes up and down the country who are trying to send out positive messages and improve the relationships between minority and majority communities. They could have chosen to offer publicity and support to tournaments like this, thereby swelling the numbers involved, http://www.refugeecouncil.org.uk/leeds_refugee_world_cup_2013 (that’s last year’s website, but the same event is happening again this week) .  They could have given impetus for mainstream teams to organise something similar and try to open their doors to minorities.

Instead they give us possibly the most unimaginative promotion of the game of football in history, and so got a much poorer response from the public than all the publicity they put into it should have merited.

But then what do you expect from the organisation that promotes junk food obesity among young footballers through their ‘McNasty’ sponsors? The organisation that won’t let males and females play together after the age of 12? The organisation that won’t let a transgender friend of ours play in a league with other women?  A bit of imagination and inspiration from the FA?  F*** all chance of that.


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