I’m an amateur footballer and even more amateur writer from Merseyside. I support Liverpool FC passionately and vociferously, and although I have wide-ranging sympathies my loyalty is undivided. I live and work in Leeds where I play Sunday league, but my observations on football span all levels and several continents, from Champions League to village football in Palestine or Mexico. That’s why my mates suggested I should write a blog. Here’s what the critics say (probably):

“Chucking in loads of dangerous balls, direct from football’s left wing. If only somebody was there to finish this stuff off.”Four-Five-One magazine (August 2010)

“I doubt there is another blogger in north-west Leeds who writes with such passion about his Sunday league team’s adventures at overseas tournaments” When Sunday Comes magazine ( just last week)

“Nigel S. is the  sort of football reporter who’s alright by us because he rarely mentions much that actually happens on the pitch.”Sociology Today (the day before yesterday)

  1. Great site this be. says:

    Schtill schtumped at that Woy cwossword.

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