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Claire has now edited her own footage of the recent tournament in Argentina into a seven-minute video:

FC Che Guevara Copa America Alternativa Cordoba Argentina 2012 from claireblue on Vimeo.


We’ve been sent a short “trailer” for a documentary that was made at the Alternative Copa America which  we attended in Argentina in January (see report, here).   The video was made by the ‘Hombre Nuevo Collective”, named after Che Guevara’s famous dictum, and is mostly in Spanish of course. But at least it gives you a taste of the atmosphere. You can almost taste the dust, that’s for sure.

Have a look too at this video that Claire made the previous weekend in Brazil:

The Europeans visit Autônomos FC Brazil from claireblue on Vimeo.

The organisers of the event in Argentina said that they were inspired by our own “Yorkshire’s Altenative World Cup” in 2010. Here’s the short video that Claire made of that event:

Yorkshire’s Alternative World Cup from claireblue on Vimeo.