Republica Internationale FC

On this blog I’ll write about watching football at many levels, but when it comes to actually playing, which I still do regularly though my creaking old knees aren’t too keen, it has to be Republica Internationale FC for me. Republica is our very special Sunday League football club in Leeds, with men’s and women’s 11-a-side league games on Sundays, men’s and women’s 5-a-side leagues during the week, and plenty of mixed football events during the summer. We have players from age 16 to nearly 60 and we’ve taken part in all kinds of amazing football events from Palestine to Poland,  Brighton to Belgium, Middleton to Mexico.  Please check out some things we’ve done by clicking on “Republica Interantionale FC” under “categories” on the left of this page.

In 2010 we organised “Yorkshire’s Alternative World Cup” (AKA “Republica Internationale’s Flying Circus”, because it took place right by a busy little airfield).  In fact this blog started with the reports you’ll find here on YAWC 2010, and anything on here with an older date than that was then added afterwards from articles I’d already published elsewhere.

The fact that Republica’s own website doesn’t tell the world much about the great things we do (and I don’t know why that is), and that hardly anybody uses the forum on our website (which also mystifies me),  are just some  of the reasons why I’ve set up this football blog.  Here’s a link to Republica’s website anyway:

[EDIT late 2015 – no that link doesn’t work either – why are we so rubbish at this sort of thing? Find Republica Internationale on twitter instead until further notice!]

Get in touch if like the sound of the things we do and would like to take part.

  1. Rebecca Michel says:

    Hey, Nigel
    Found you! Good to know you’re still alive and kicking a football around. Get in touch. Ghee and I would love to hear from you.

  2. Hi i would love to play five side with you guys again i really enjoyed the five a side and if it was at all possible play for your eleven a side again yours Dolores

  3. Natalie jones says:

    Hi, I played 5 a side (ladies) against republica a few times a few years ago but stopped playing 11 a side this summer when rothwell town ladies folded. After a few months off, I’ve decided that actually at 29 I’m not ready to stop playing – I was wondering if you had some contact details for Republica or if they were looking for 11 a side ladies players? No worries if not!

    Any help would be great,


    • nige says:

      Hi Nathalie,

      So sorry I’ve not been been online much lately and missed this one somehow. this is a sign that I need to ‘wake up’ a bit. The women’s team are always looking for new players and I’ll pass this one to the captain (both by email and at our weekly training at Weetwood tonight). Hope to see you some time.

  4. Natalie jones says:

    Don’t suppose the ladies team are looking for 11 a side players?

    • nige says:

      Dear Natalie,

      I’m Nigel whose blog you found and asked if Republica women were looking for players.

      I’m so sorry that after mentioning you to the women’s captain that night (but forgetting to take your details with me) I was then away for a while and forgot.

      I really apologise for that – don’t judge REpublica by my incompetence (just me)

      If you email to Claire

      [email removed after a couple of weeks]

      she’ll tell you all about the weekly training etc.

      Sorry again for the delay,


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